Thursday, 15 January 2015

Week 2 Italy*

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I had a few attempts at this theme
The first was using my trusty fineliner.

Old Harbour in Sorrento. Drawn from a photo taken in Easter 2013.

Fineliner on cartridge paper, A5

update: this one was featured on their blog :)
Italy picks on #illo52weeks blog

My next offering was this pile of old fruit boxes in a doorway in Amalfi.

A few days later I started more line work on a cliff scene of Sorrento.
The detail started to look too busy so I then tried to take it back to its most simple.
I think it looks a bit like a colouring book. I would like, with practice, to make simple lines look more graphic and strong than child-like.

Neither of them have the feel of the original scene and I am determined to get my paints out and add colour.
In my head, I had greens and browns merging and looking a lot more atmospheric. However this paints a bight, clear scene, and at least I have made the first step.

I didn't share this one in the group, but here is a slightly rusty vespa.

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