Sunday, 22 March 2015

Week 11: Green

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A few styles this week!

I did a chalk and charcoal still life on pink sugar papr this week. I had an idea that I would have another go at home, but so far haven't found the time and energy together. I used pixlr editorto change the background instead :)

My son, drawn from a photo using inktense pencils and water wash. I have added the 'before' version so you can see the incredible changes that the water makes to these pencils.

Any fans of Blackadder out there? I really wanted to do this subject but wasn't sure how I would do it until I was reminded of this style by a somewhat cheeky request from a woman I haven't had any contact with for about 6 years.
Fine liners and digitally added block colour using pixlr editor.

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