Sunday, 17 May 2015

Week 18 Art Deco*

Oh my goodness, what a lot of time I spent thinking about what to do for this challenge!
Art Deco is all about planning, form, structure and clean lines. Although I am still finding my way with different media and subjects, one thing is clear. My images tend to develop organically and often the final outcome is done pretty swiftly.
I needed a twist. I settled on turning one of my doodled characters into an aspiring Art Deco lady. She isn't all tall and thin and willowy, but she tries.

* Update! This is one of the picks on the challenge blog :)
Art Deco picks #illo52weeks blog

Drawn with pencil and colour added using Pixlr

The original line drawing

I then wanted to play with patterns a bit more and was taken with how the structure of an iris is like Art Deco. I'm afraid my concentration lapsed by the time I got to the eye lashes, and perhaps the patterns in the iris could have been large for more impact.

Inktense pencils on cartridge paper.

(I had trouble lightening this one)

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