Sunday, 11 October 2015

Week 40 Carnival

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I really didn't want to do feather clad women in teensy bikinis - it seemed to obvious. So I wracked my brains and one day Saint Saens', 'Carnival of the animals' popped into my head.
When I was feeling very keen, and hadn't realised what a busy week I had in store, I thought I would do all the animals...
Well, the swan was all I managed. I did a lot of research and learned lots in the process. The only thing to show for all that learning, in this blog post, is that Anna Pavlova's 'Dying Swan' in 'Swan Lake' was choreographed to the Swan movement in 'The Carnival of the animals'.
I watched her on youtube and looked a lot of her photos. I then drew five, five minute sketches with a brush pen. I used ink as a nod to #inktober.
The large one is the one I posted, but I have included the others because I wanted to share all of them.


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