Saturday, 7 November 2015

Week 44 Scandinavian

Three images

So many ideas! But in order to avoid the obvious, I asked a couple of friends for advice. One is Scandinavian, living in England. The other is English, living in Scandinavia.

I researched lots of their ideas and in the process, learned quite a bit about Sami culture. 
I didn't end up drawing any people or reindeers and not a hint of snow! 
Here are two of their suggestions.
(*Update: I caved, keep scrolling, there is another illo!)

Land of the midnight sun
Oil pastels, about A5 size on pastel paper.

Draugen Oil Platform
Fineliner on A4 copy paper

So, I caved towards the end of the week and drew Sami people after all. 
Fine liner, A4 copy paper

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