Sunday, 7 February 2016

Week 6: Printing*

I got a bit carried away this week and still didn't manage to do a mono print or a lino cut!

Here are my three offerings, most recent first.

I was expecting to end up with a duo-tone image, with smooth edges, so that it would look a bit like a labyrinth. However I like it like this - a bit less polished, like me.
I took a photo of an ordinary ink pad thumb print and edited it on photoshop.

**and it was in the #illo52weeks picks - can't believe it!

Fine liner and colour pencils
Wallpaper printing,
featured in a British Pathe film, 1968

The wall paper designs are based on some of my patterns :)

One day, I will see some of my work on fabric or paper, I hope.

Well, the theme is printing - why not go literal?
Collage of coloured paper and letters cut from a magazine.

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