Thursday, 19 February 2015

Week 7 Farm

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I have tons of photos of farms taken on holidays to Wales and the West Country, and also from photography outings. My favourite location for lavender and sunflowers is Hitchin Lavender Farm.

Here are this week's offerings:

These sheep were on a farm in Dorset next to our campsite. A friend's son found that when he clapped they came to him. There was a whole field of ewes and one busy ram.
I intended to make a very simple line drawing but my fineliners came out, first for the grass, then the trees. Once up loaded I couldn't resist adding some bucket-fill using Pixlr editor.

This is a farm in Llaneglwys, in the Brecon Beacons near the bunkhouse, owned by my children's secondary school which we have stayed in regularly.
I wanted to use my new blendable pencils but found in my first attempt I was over working it and it just looked boring. This version was done in about five miutes and, to me, feels fresher and has more life.

And finally, we have Hitchin Lavender Farm. Maybe next time I will attempt the sunflower field as well.
Again, the quick sketch and wash found more favour with me than the one which I worked harder on and thought about more carefully. Below is the first attempt, before and after I added water to the inktense pencils.

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