Saturday, 27 June 2015

Week 25 Africa

Two images

I wanted to use Adinkra symbols but didn't really have time or inclination to create printing blocks. This way I was able to use a wide set of symbols, representing qualities relating to the spirit of the challenge:
love, security, safety, perseverance, peace, harmony, endurance, resourcefulness, charisma, persistence, support, cooperation, initiative, enthusiasm, learning from the past, humility, strength, wisdom, lifelong education and - of course - creativity.

Adinkra symbols collage
Made in Photoshop using Adinkra brushes - free download :)  from THIS SITE
and coloured in Picasa

I wanted to draw one of my doodle characters in an African onesie and as I couldn't get a particular song out of my head so the two ideas naturally went together - although  I didn't stick to the simple 'doodle' style this time.
Very, very quick water colour sketch and pencil to outline.

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