Monday, 6 July 2015

Week 26 Land**

2 images

The picture I wanted to do, with a little doodle character landing after a parachute jump, I haven't finished. I just haven't been able to achieve the simplicity needed (yet!).  I shall have to return to it at some point.

So here we have a more successful doodle - a little pirate cabin boy up the crow's nest. 

And a view from above of me doing a buddy skydive jump two years ago.
I wanted to keep the colours limited, hence blue for the cloud outline, green for the fields and a contrasting colour for the jumpers - I would have preferred orange, but don't have it, so I settled for pink!

Just looking at the photo I used for this used to make me feel dizzy, but I'm better with it now!

Oh, wow! Both are in this week's picks on the challenge blog!

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