Saturday, 19 September 2015

Week 35 Botany*

Week 35 Botany
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I started this week late because I was totally in awe of the beautiful and technically amazing artwork which was popping up in the #illo52weeks challenge feed.
So I started with something simple, in order to build up to what I wanted to paint, which was one of my photos of nigella from my garden. My watercolours were calling, so I did a third piece - a quick sketch of Lapsana Communis.

Here is my marigold, from a photo I took against a black bin - a very handy prop as it turns out. This took about 20 minutes in all - literally to break the artist's equivalent of stage fright.
It was received very well by the illustration group members and was chosen as one of the picks!

This is also from a photo in my garden, taken after the rain. This didn't work out quite how I expected - a tad darked and more spontaneous than I intended. I will have to work on taking my time with details!

When my water colours were calling I thought it was time to use a more traditional 'botany' composition. So, here it is in all its simplicity.

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