Saturday, 19 September 2015

Week 37 Geometric*

Week 37 Geometric

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I like simplicity and what I have learned this week is...

Art does not have to be technically difficult to make an impact and 'speak' to people - sometimes the idea is enough.

I've had so much fun - no high art aspirations at all, just playing with paper, cutting and glue.
(Well, I did have some fleeting thoughts about using geometric shapes in clever ways, but these thoughts were quickly dismissed).

Here they are - 
The first one is inspired by the Dazzle camouflage of WW1 battleships. I've added colour and applied it to the silhouette of a London Black Cab.
More about Dazzle HERE

Circle fun!

*This was chosen for the picks. It was my warm-up act! 
One of the things I have learned is that when art comes from the heart or a playful place it resonates with people in unexpected ways.

Keeping it simple!

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